Attendance / Abstract Submission Form

The form for application to attend closed on 30th November.

This Form was to be completed by anybody interested in attending the workshop AGN Across Continents in Durham in July 2024 (even if not submitting an abstract). This form will be used by the Scientific Organising Committee to select participants. It will also be used as an application for any requests for financial support to attend the workshop (details below). Applications for financial support are required at this stage, to ensure we can distribute the limited funds in the most effective and fair way. 

Completing this form does not guarantee participation in the workshop. Selected participants will be contacted and requested to complete a registration form in early 2024. The workshop has an expected capacity of 70 participants (of which we aim for a good geographical balance, in particular between European and African participants) Our expectation is that these 70 participants will attend the workshop in person, due to the interactive and collaboration-building focus of the meeting. 

This workshop will contain a mixture of presentations and discussion groups - with a focus on building research collaborations with African institutes. Therefore, you have the option to submit one or both of:

Alternatively you can simply register your interest in attending the workshop, with a brief motivation.

Deadline for submissions: November 30th 2023
Expected outcome of applications: January/February 2024

The data from these forms will be stored solely for these purposes and destroyed after the workshop. If you have any questions please contact the Local Organising Committee on: